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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I apply for a loan before I find a property to purchase?

Pre-qualification letters are the answer for individuals who are still looking for a new home. Why not give it a shot? It can give you a greater idea about the right price range. And having this pre-qualification letter could potentially help when making offers on your dream home.

How do you decide what you need from me to process my loan?

Technology is a beautiful thing and helps us figure out how to require as little as possible from you. We want to make sure the process is as simple for you as possible. Though we will need for you to provide us with some basic documentation, we also have plenty of resources that we utilize to ease the stress of processing the loan.

Can I apply for a mortgage if I want to buy or refinance a manufactured home?

There specifications and limitations to what is considered a manufactured home. It is best to discuss with us the home in question to see what options are available.