Always There
Our Always There shows our commitment to quick, Prompt and professional service.  ONE email and ONE number ensure that you will always get ahold of us no matter the day or hour.  Our entire operation is conducted "in-house" meaning we make all decisions locally.  This makes the pre-approval process, loan processing, underwriting and closing much more streamline and efficient.  Always There also touches on our commitment to consistent annual review with our clients to make sure the mortgage always fits their long term financial objectives.

Aaron Kerscher
Offer Accepted - A tactical approach to vault your offer to the top of the pile and get the home you want!
This is our tactical approach to ensure the best possible chance of winning the offer on a new home.  There are typically a few hot buttons for the listing agents and we hit them all.  Additionally, we know the majority of the listing agents in the Phoenix and surrounding area and they know we get the job done.  Here is a partial breakdown of our approach:

1.  Pro-active Contact.  In most every occasion the listing agent will contact the loan officer of each offer to verify the financing is secure.  We are proactive with a phone call to the listing agent which puts your offer on the tip of the pile.  I've found many times that after my call with an agent that I know exactly how the offer looks, what our competition is offering, and what ultimately needs to be done to win.

2.  Discussion of Financing.  We separate you from the other offers by how we relay how you look as a buyer.  Due to our Ready Buyer program, we have everything done in-house so your loan is further along than all the other buyers.  It's a true Pre-Approval and it won't fall out.  The listing agent is told that we've seen all the income and assets and an underwriter sits right here in my office.

3.  Closing FAST and guaranteed.  Beyond everything else, listing agents wan to know the loan is going to close and buyer will show up at the table with money sufficient to purchase the house.  We actually guarantee that you will get to the table on time, no excuses.
These are just some of the ways we help our clients during the buying process.  For more information, visit us at the links below or call us at (480) 442-9442
Aaron Kerscher
(480) 442-9442